Are you an Agency Looking to Generate More Qualified Booked Calls and Close More Deals? 🚀

👉 Have you struggled to fill your calendar with booked calls?

👉 Or maybe you have trouble closing deals to generate predictable income?

The Blade Agency Growth Program Is the Solution

We are so confident in our Agency Growth Program that we will generate 30 booked calls for your agency. If not, you don't pay!

Don't Worry! Any niche your agency serves, our team of experts can help!

We help Marketing Agencies Generate High Quality Leads and Close More Deals.

Not long ago, our agency, Blade Marketing was always struggling to get their next client.

Cold Calling, Referrals, Cold Messaging, Networking Meetings you name it, we tried it.

Did these work? Yes. But what we were lacking was having a predictable stream of clients.

The biggest problem was these sources just weren’t scalable.

Month after month, scraping by. Never knowing where our next client would come from.

It was either feast or famine.

We kept asking ourselves:

How could we fill our calendar with more high quality leads?

After years of researching and testing, we discovered a system to consistently fill our calendars with booked calls and help us close deals.

It became a predictable, scalable system.

We are so confident in our Agency Growth Program that we will generate 30 booked calls for your agency. If not, you don't pay!

The Blade Agency Growth Program

Quality Booked Appointments to Fill Your Pipeline

Filling up Your Calendar with Qualified Leads is one of the most frustrating parts about running an agency. Don't worry, with our Supercharged Booked Call System, we got you covered.

Access To A Full-Time Sales Closer To Land You More Deals

Once Calls are Booked, then what? Tap into our Network of Professional Sales Closers to bring in More Revenue for Your Agency.

Predictable and Scalable System

A predictable and scalable system... For every $1 You put in, You'll get on average $5 Back. We call it the ROI Cash Machine.

15.82X Return on Ads After 21 Days

($75,000 Earned)

  • $75,000 Generated for our Client's Steven's Marketing Agency in just 14 Days

  • Spent approx. $4,000 in Ads

  • 15.82X Return on Ad Spend

More Client's Fully Booked Calendars

More Closed Deals

100% Revenue Increase for MP Marketing

Featured In


How fast should I expect results?

Our partners get results lightning fast.

Most of our partners see high-ticket leads within 48 hours of launching their funnels.

80% of our partners land their first high-ticket contract (9K-15K Deal) within 14 days.

"Why don't you just run this system for yourself, why do you need my agency?"

Blade Marketing is! :) It may sound strange but you are looking at our exact system as you are reading this page. We have mastered the system for our agency (currently generating over 60 calls per month) and want to share the system with your agency. It's time to take your agency to the next level, let us partner with you so you can see great results!

What if this doesn't work?

We are so confident in this program. If we don't deliver, you don't pay.

I'm very skeptical, how can you guarantee results?

Through months and months of trial and error, we have designed a predictable, scalable system. It didn't happen overnight but after thousands of dollars in ad spend and training many sales closers, we finally know what works. A comprehensive system that any agency can plug into to achieve tremendous growth! At Least 30 Calls Every Month!

What Niches does the Agency Growth Program serve?

Our team of experts have worked in a vast array of niches and our specialized framework can be applied to any of them. If your agency serves Finance, Medical, Gyms, Agencies, Consultants, Coaches, and more...We do them all. And if you don't have a niche you serve, our team of experts will help you pick one and even craft an offer so you get maximum ROI! We customize a game plan for your agency, find your perfect customer and plug into our system. BOOM! Booked Appointments and Closed Deals.

What if I only need Booked Calls or just a Sales Closer?

We tailor our solution to exactly your needs. If you need just Booked Calls, we can do that. If you just need Sales Closers, we also do that. Or you can have both!

What are the most common services your agencies are offering their clients?

Paid ads management (Facebook + Google) Website development, SEO, Copywriting, Design, and more.

Do you resell or reuse leads?

Never. All sales appointments are exclusive to your agency.

Do I get to own the Funnel?

Of Course, you will own all the assets we create for you!

Do you custom build each agency’s funnel?

YES! Since every agency is unique, we treat your campaigns as so. This isn't a cookie cutter "copy and paste" strategy. We sit with you on an onboarding call to discuss every aspect of your business so we can fully tailor our system to your needs.

What is the Price of the Agency Growth Program?

Since your business is unique and not every agency is the same, we customize our price to fit your needs. Apply and learn more about your options. And the best part? If the pricing is outside of your budget, we offer affordable consulting packages where our team of experts get on 1-1 Consulting Sessions with you every week to teach you everything we know to help your agency scale to the moon! It's a No Brainer!

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our Agency Growth Program that we will generate 30 booked calls for your agency. If not, you don't pay!

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